2015 Summer Travel Diary Part I

Part 1: The Actual Travel

Just getting out of town is always a whirlwind. In the weeks leading up to this Italy trip, I thought a lot about what to pack. But of course we were still tossing things into suitcases the afternoon before we left.

I also had to get Eva and Jane packed and off to camp, so nothing really got my full attention. Luckily they are both mature enough to do most of their own packing, with only a few glitches, mix-ups, and last minute Target mini toiletry runs. (Example: I could have sworn I ordered clothing labels in March, couldn’t find them, paid through the nose to rush order replacements, then found the original ones that I had ordered after all.)

Because of where we live, we could have chosen to either fly directly to Naples from LAX, which would have meant a long drive back and forth to LA, but instead we flew to Frankfurt and caught a quick connecting flight. Because our flight left so early in the morning, we stayed at a hotel in San Diego the night before.

On flight to Italy! Actually it’ll be a journey to get there. This flight is SD to Chicago, then Chicago to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Naples. Whew! Woo!

Found $5 on the floor of the Four Points lobby late last night:-)

Scott put his passport in his mouth while I was ticketing. Gate agent very pissed. She handed him a wipe, he wiped it and did it again. No first class upgrades obviously.

We have very opposite travel personalities. As I boarded each new plane, I whipped out a pack of Wet Ones and wiped down my seat, tray table, seatbelt clasp, armrest, and anything else I might have to touch. This has become a ritual I’m very superstitious about. I have to say, it used to be about 50-50 that I’d get sick in the days returning from a trip, and since I’ve been doing this, I never get sick when I get back.

I just took a selfie of us holding a Hemispheres Magazine for #hemigram.


I want to answer the question: Is travel ie BEING SOMEWHERE ELSE worth the ACTUAL JOURNEY ie the flights? I want to say yes, but in the moment I ask, WHY AM I HERE?!

Flying is not my favorite.

Flight from O’Hare to Frankfurt. This plane (777) is huge. Bulkhead seat over wing, window. Scott did good:-) Scott just set my watch for me on Italy time. It’s all confusing 24 hour clock over there. It’s 9 p.m. in Italy now. No wonder I’m tired.

We did not have any jet lag while actually on our trip. Coming home was another story! But the actual travel TO our destination didn’t exhaust us like I’d thought.

Thurs 10:30 a.m. – last travel leg. We left at 6 a.m. Wednesday! Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Naples. Lufthansa shocked us with a free for all cattle call to tarmac boarding. It was worse than the worst Southwest boarding experience you could imagine. I thought Germany would have orderly lines/queues but I guess not.

Overcast in Frankfurt but the skies turned sunny once we got past the Alps. Lufthansa over the Alps: the pilot was very chatty. I told Scott he’s trying to reassure us that he’s not an insane lunatic but Scott thinks I’m being paranoid. We’re over Trieste and the Adriatic now. Almost there….

Coming up: Part 2 – Sorrento, Italy!


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