Summer Travel Diary Part 3

So we were in Italy! Yay! Scott told me he was walking around Little Italy in San Diego a few days before our trip and thought, “It’d be fun to walk around here with Juliet.” I told him we could actually walk around “Big Italy” instead. Yay!

Thursday afternoon – Hilton in Sorrento is amazing. So great to finally be here. Walked into town and had macchiato espresso at Bar Ercolano.

ercolano caffe

Wandered around town. Saw a bunch of people all dressed up walking toward the old basilica, then saw the bridal party riding on a the little trolley through town. I waved and the driver honked:-)”

We saw several weddings and what we think was a christening during our trip. We were surprised to see large, fancy weddings every day of the week, not just mostly on weekends like you’d see in the US.

We saw the bridal party on the steps being feted, then walking en masse to take pictures immediately after. Camera and video crews were large! Usually they’d have three or four or more people holding lights, cameras, camera bags etc.

Napoli wedding stops traffic

Napoli wedding stops traffic

Back at the hotel now grabbing waters (free Acqua Panna and tons of free drinks and snacks – score!) Happy hour. Then dinner at Aurora Pizza on Piazza Tasso.

This place was touristy and overpriced. The pizza would have been “the best in town” in an American town but in southern Italy there’s some serious competition, obviously. The best part of this meal was eating on the beautiful outdoor patio. We were entertained at one point by traveling Roma musicians who also played on the trains. Scott is not a fan (he doesn’t like any accordion music) but I like it. It’s atmospheric. It’s not like I’m going to go out and buy a recording of accordions and trumpets to listen to at home, but on a train chugging along a scenic coastline, it somehow works.

roma musicians train

Accidentally pulled a string in the shower thinking I was turning on a light, but set off “medical emergency” button with alarm that could only be turned off by a worker actually coming up to our room.

So I guess this is a “thing” in Italy? Or Europe? This alarmed cord was in both of our hotels in Italy. I guess it’s for “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” type situations.

The first night, I set it off on purpose thinking it was a light switch. The next day our toilet clogged and we had to call for help. It was the same time of evening and I think they just sent up the same guy. I don’t know because I hid both times and let Scott handle it. Then a day after that I was getting out of the shower whipping my hair up into a towel turban and set the alarm off yet again.

Friday – breakfast on patio at hotel. Good night’s sleep is an understatement. Sunny.

Saturday – Yesterday walked a ton! Sunny. Walked half the stations of the cross up a great hike on a hill. Didn’t know what it was until later. Going back tomorrow. Walked into town for the Circumvesuviana (“around Mt Vesuvius”) train to Ercolano aka Herculaneum.

Station platform grafitti

Station platform grafitti

Train was old and rickety and filled with locals. Surprising number of Italians going to Pompeii and Sorrento. I guess Italians from other places in Italy who want to vacation without leaving the country come here.

Tons of English tourists here. Everyone looks like Gal from Sexy Beast.

Did Hef design this pool?

hotel pool

To be continued…


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