My Favorite Lawyer (originally published March 26, 2009)

For those of you who don’t know this about us, we are a lawyer-lawyer marriage. Unfortunately for us this hasn’t resulted in two high incomes or twice the prestige, but we do a great job of cross-examining each other. He gets away with no BS! (I do because he’s a softie. But I have to believe it all evens out in the end.)

Scott focuses his practice on trust and probate litigation. He has a LLM degree in tax (basically a master’s degree for lawyers) from University of San Diego. He decided to get the degree to better handle complex issues that often arise in his various estate planning and litigation cases.


Yes, I’m (very) biased but I happen to know that he’s the tops at what he does. His new website launched recently — check it out here – His site has a lot of informative useable contest plus “widgets” as they call them in the marketing world — detailed books for particular situations such as administering a trust – that you can order for free.


Scott is from New York and went to college in his undergrad years in Boston (at Tufts) and he’s been known to say to kids at the park, “Hey, pally!” or to Bits: “You kiddin’ me?” when she says something preposterous. So if you order his books you can see that his unique voice has been preserved.


So check out the site! And visit back often to see updates, particularly in his take on legal news and blog entries about cases in the local courts.


P.S. People often ask whether we met in law school. No! I went to UCLA and Loyola, and Scott went to Tufts and California Western in San Diego.


Other people ask whether we met in New York or Boston and moved to California together. No! My family on both sides have been in California for generations. People often think I’m from New York. I have no idea why. A gal from upstate New York said to me once, “I keep thinking you’re from New York. I look at you and think of home.”


How we met: Former Public Defender of Riverside County Alan Oberstein, may he rest in peace, played matchmaker and was thrilled when we hit it off. Scott was hired a couple of months before I was and another helpful matchmaker, office manager Ron M., assigned Scott to show me around.


(Sad to say on my first day of work – theoretically a day I could represent criminal defendants facing jail time in jury trials – I had to be shown where the courthouse was. Literally. That same day I was told to go to the county adminstrative building to have my photo taken for my ID card. “Where’s the building?” “Oh, you can’t miss it. It’s the tallest building in town.” I stumbled into the jail. Later I realized why they hysterically laughed at me and called others from the back to also come out and laugh at me.)


Scott and I hit it off right away though his advice to me that first day was kind of cheesy: “Keep your wits about you.” He was soon my favorite lawyer in the world and maybe someday he will be yours too.


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