NEW! Doggy Deodorizer

Say you are a curious dog.  Say you are a dog of normal height for your 60 pounds, but your trick is to stand human-like on your hind legs and stretch to almost five feet tall.  And say, also that this combination of height and curiosity gets you into scrapes sometimes.  Hilarity ensues!

Now imagine you are this freakishly stretchy-armed, curious dog, and you are milling about in the backyard.  You see the trash bins neatly stacked at the side of the house.  You know!  You’ll do a little dumpster diving.

Yum.  Why on earth did she throw this away?  Something incredibly disgusting delectable must have happened, which she tried to hide from you contain in double-sealed Hefty bags.  You must chew them open.  You must stretch out, lounging across the entire bag of stench aroma, and chew/eat until she comes running into the yard to shout like a crazy woman play with you!

Next thing you know, you’re in the garage.  You are quite fragrant if you do say so yourself.  Are we going in the car?  Playing on the lawn?  Going on a walk?

What?!  Suddenly she’s throwing handfuls of baking soda all over your fur.  Your back (your lovely, aromatic back!), your neck, your prized jowls, even your face.  How could she?!  It took hours to get this fragrant.

She rubs it in.  Periodically you shake it out.  (Ha!  Take that!)  What does she do, buy this stuff by the 13.6 pound bag at Costco?

Finally, at the end, you slink inside and curl up on the couch.  She lets you, because you don’t smell like much of anything at all, anymore.  Not even a dog.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – the original doggy deodorizer.  It works.


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